Irish railways in the 1990's

Dublin Heuston: page 1

Heuston station is the departure point for trains to Cork, Limerick, Waterford, Galway and Westport.  As virtually all passenger trains were loco hauled the station required the use of two pilot locos to release locos from incoming trains.

155 on station pilot duty. In the background is the Wellington monument in Phoenix Park.  The train in original CIE green livery was used for excursion work. 1 October 1991.

083, 1 October 1991.  The main Irish Rail inter city carriage depot is in the background.

083 leaving on a Cork express, 1 October 1991.

142 acting as station pilot, 3 September 1996.

170 under the overall roof of Heuston, 3 September 1996.

204 arriving with an express, 3 September 1996.

207 and 223, 3 September 1996.

221 and 227 ready to leave, 3 September 1996.

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