The 76cm gauge railways of Yugoslavia

Uskotracne (76-centimetarske) pruge bivse Jugoslavije

The Dubrovnik Tramway network

The small network ran from the City Gates to the railway station plus a branch to Uvala.  The final tram ran on 21 March 1970.

Tom Burnham writes: It was a small system of 760mm gauge, with a Y-shaped layout - this is at the junction (see point lever in front of the tram). There were two versions of the 4-wheeled trams, one with a slightly more modern styling, running in motor-trailer sets. The afternoons tended to see power cuts, and the trams would regularly come to a dead stop along the Put Marsala Tita.

Two views by Chris Green of the 760mm trams in Dubrovnik in May 1969. 

These four views of the Dubrovnik Tramway were taken by Niels Munch Christensen of Denmark in September 1966 .  They were all taken at the terminus in Dubrovnik.

The following photos were taken by Jan Roos in 1969

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