The 76cm gauge railways of Yugoslavia


Uskotracne (76-centimetarske) pruge bivse Jugoslavije

Photos from May 1966 by John Cosford.
Sarajevo locomotive shed

An impressive line-up of JŽ class 83 0-8-2s at Sarajevo engine shed. The class 83 0-8-2 was the most successful and the most numerous of the 760mm gauge locomotives. A total of 182 were built in four batches of which 29 were compounds and the other 153 were simple expansion. The first loco was built in 1903 and the last in 1949.

JŽ class 83 0-8-2 83.164 (Slavonski Brod/1948) at Sarajevo engine shed.

JŽ class 72 0-6-2T 72.014 (Henschel/1908) out of use at Sarajevo engine shed. This was from the batch of six of this class that were built by Henschel for the Serbian State Railways (SDŽ).   Behind it is an unidentified outside-framed 0-6-0T which I believe is a class 185 loco.

On the left is 0-6-2T 189.020 (Krauss Linz/1893) which is partly dismantled. However, what is left clearly shows the gap between the rear half of the cab and bunker which were mounted on the pony truck and swivelled with it!

JŽ class 85 2-8-2 85.043 (Slavonski Brod/1940) on the turntable at Sarajevo engine shed.   Unfortunately the early evening weather was heavily overcast so the photos are rather dark hence the use of black and white in some cases.

JŽ 0-8-0T 5595 (Budapest/1947) at Sarajevo engine shed.   This was one of five similar locos delivered to the JDŽ (later JŽ) but never included in the official numbering scheme for some reason. 5593 was also at Sarajevo shed but was not photographed.

JŽ class 72 0-6-2T 72.018 (Krauss Munich/1905) at Sarajevo engine shed.   This is a compound loco and was the second of two supplied to the Serbian State Railways (SDŽ) by the Munich works of Krauss. Further quantities were built in 1908 by Haine St Pierre and Henschel.   72.018 has been fitted with buffers at standard gauge height and spacing, presumably for moving standard gauge stock on mixed gauge track.   Low quality photo due to camera shake in the poor light - and I didn't take one in black and white!

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