The 76cm gauge railways of Yugoslavia

Uskotracne (76-centimetarske) pruge bivse Jugoslavije

A selection of photos by Detlef Schikorr

The Ostbahn page 2: trains at Ustipraca

85-031 and 83-090 at Ustipraca, 26-7-1970.

85-031 is seen again on its freight train.

Shunting moves are underway with 85-031 and 83-090 at Ustipraca.

83-010 is seen arriving at Ustipraca from Foca hauling an ancient looking passenger train, 26-7-1970.

Some detail of the passenger vehicles.

The freight train is ready to depart double headed by 85-031 and 83-090, 83-010 is on the right.

The double headed freight is seen leaving Ustipraca.

85-031 on a passenger train near Ustipraca, 20-7-1969.  The day that men first landed on the moon!

Photos by Detlef Schikorr - The Ostbahn page 3

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