The 76cm gauge railways of Yugoslavia

Uskotracne (76-centimetarske) pruge bivse Jugoslavije

A selection of photos by Detlef Schikorr

The Steinbeis Railway page 3


The famous town of Drvar, is situated at the bottom of a deep glaciated valley drained by the Unac stream. Trains from Srnetica had to zig-zag down a cliff to a reversing station before descending to the valley floor.

JZ UNRRA 24 at Drvar 12.8.1970

JZ UNRRA 24 and UNRRA 19 at Drvar 12.8.1970

0-10-0 No.1937 and new diesel 740-001 double heading a freight, 12-8-1970.

Five of these large 0-10-0's Nos.1932 to 1937 were built by Skoda in 1946.  The staple traffic of the Steinbeis was timber as seen on the well loaded wagon on the right.

JZ 32, a superheated 0-10-0 built in 1924 on shed at Drvar 12.8.1970.
No. 32 was one of a series of four, Nos. 29 to 32, built by Orenstein & Koppel.

An unidentified member of the same class stored on Drvar shed 12.8.1970

JZ UNRRA 1 (H.K.Porter 8047/1945) on shed, 12.8.1970

UNRRA No. 4 (H.K.Porter 8050/1945) in store.


Two views of JZ 1933 (Skoda 1933/1945) stored at Drvar shed, 12-8-1970.

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