The 76cm gauge railways of Yugoslavia

Uskotracne (76-centimetarske) pruge bivse Jugoslavije

Sarajevo in 1966 by Helmut Dahlhaus - Page 2

85-034 has just arrived at the crossing loop of Bistrik station and is on the last 6Km stretch to Sarajevo.  According to the timetable, this train had left Cukarica (4 km from Belgrade main station) at 23:46 the previous evening.  Bistrik was exactly 400 km from the starting point and departure time was 14:47, its arrival time at Sarajevo Novo was 15:07.  Note the flowers decorating the front of the loco.  7th August 1966.

On the Sarajevo side of Bistrick, this is 85-004 (Budapest 5033/1930) on train 315,  Sarajevo Novo
depart 15:25 and arrive Cukarica at 06.19. The train has just passed through Tunnel No. 1, 7th August 1966.

A goods train in Bistrik had waited for the crossing with train 315, because soon after 83-056 (Jung 3538/1923) rolled by with an impressively long train.  83-056 was destined to become a monument in Trebinje.  7th August 1966.

After the Second World War the original narrow gauge Bosnabahn was replaced with a new standard gauge line from Vrpolje to Sarajevo. This gave Sarajevo its first ever standard gauge connection with the outside world.  However the narrow gauge was retained between Sarajevo and Lasva/Zenica for goods traffic to Jajce and the Steinbeisbahn.  With the standard gauge line behind here is 83-081 (Krauss, Linz 6443/1911) on a goods to Sarajevo at Semizovac, 11th August 1966.

With the 76cm line on the right this is 4-8-0 11-054 (MAVAG 7413/1955) with a goods train from Sarajevo at Semizovac on 11th August 1966.  These impressive locos were identical to the Hungarian class 424 and a total of 63 were built for service in Yugoslavia.

A treat for us in Samizovac was this old Hungarian 0-6-0 carrying the number 125-049 (BP 636/1894), it was formerly MAV 326-346.  I don't know if this locomotive still belonged to the JZ but here it is working the sidings at the RK car factory on 11th August 1966.

Just outside Sarajevo this is 83-084 (Krauss, Linz 6583/1912) with a goods train on the Narentabahn - the line from Mostar, Ploce and Dubrovnik, 7th August 1966.

Shortly afterwards another Class 83 appeared on a local passenger
train for Sarajevo, 7th August 1966.

The Ivan Pass in 1966 by Helmut Dahlhaus

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