The 76cm gauge railways of Yugoslavia

Uskotracne (76-centimetarske) pruge bivse Jugoslavije

The Steinbeis railway in 1965 by Charlie Lewis - page 2

On another day the 05:42 Jajce-Srnetica, this time with a UNRRA 0-8-0, overtook an early morning freight hauled by 90-007 at Sipovo. In the next thirty kilometres the route rises more than 500 metres to the eastern Bosnian plateau via a succession of horseshoe bends. 

About five kilometres after leaving Sipovu, having just passed the halt for the little hamlet of Sokovac, No. 90-007 was beginning to climb in earnest with a tank car and some empty bolster wagons for timber.

The famous town of Drvar, is situated at the bottom of a deep glaciated valley drained by the Unac stream. Trains from Srnetica had to zig-zag down a cliff to a reversing station before descending to the valley floor.  At the reversing station another UNNRA 0-8-0, No. 10, coupled on behind to help the train down the last three kilometres into Drvar station.

The Czech firm of Skoda built a series of large 0-10-0's Nos. 1932 to 1937 in 1946.  At least three of these impressive locos were working on the Steinbeis in 1965.  This is No. 1936 which we passed at a loop between Prijedor and Drvar.  No. 1937 is preserved in Doboj.  Notice the salute of the passing train, saluting of trains and other staff members was a serious business back in 1965!

A busy scene at Drvar.  The train I came in on from Srnetica is in the middle with No. 10 on the front of it and No. 23, which had brought us all the way from Prijedor, still coupled on at the back.

On the left, Steinbeisbahn No. 30, a superb superheated 0-10-0 built by O&K in 1924, with Klein-Lindner axles at both ends, was already coupled to the train to take us on to Licka Kaldrma.

On the right, yet another UNRRA, No. 6, was all set to pilot No. 29, a 1916 O&K 0-10-0, on a load of sawn timber that would follow our train out to the standard-gauge interchange at Licka Kaldrma.  Note the Srnetica line high on the hillside in the background. 

The train from Drvar to Licka Kaldrma climbed out of the Unac valley for more than an hour before we stopped for water and fire cleaning at this remote spot.  Steinbeisbahn No. 30 had been handling the load with ease.  No. 30 was one of a series of four 0-10-0's Nos. 29 to 32 built by Orenstein & Koppel.

Slavonski Brod to Doboj in 1965 by Charlie Lewis

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