Trains in the Mersey docks - page 2

Liverpool docks

37894 stabled on 13 July 1993.  This loco was waiting for it's train of Cawoods coal containers to be loaded.

47303 enters the port complex with the daily freightliner from Crewe in September 2002.  The train is passing over what used to be the Dock Road.  The public road now ends behind the fence in the background.

56102 with empty steel coil wagons, May 2002.

66225 on a coal train to Ratcliffe power station, 17 June 2002.

66019 and 56110, 8 November 2001.

60051 on a coal train for Penyffordd cement works, September 2002.

56105 is running round its train at the rapid loading bunker, 22 November 2001.

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