Rhiwbach Slate Quarry and its tramway

Cwt y Bugail slate quarry

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The old and new powder magazines.  The original building became hemmed in between an incline and the waste tips and was replaced by a new structure.  This is seen in the photo below, with Snowdon forming a backdrop.  Magazines were always situated well away from the working areas of a quarry.

A crude home-made winch - a relic of the last working days of Cwt y Bugail.

The tips of Cwt y Bugail with Rhiwbach in the distance.  The shelter would have been used by the quarrymen who tipped the waste rock. 

Like all places abandoned by mankind, Cwt y Bugail is slowly being reclaimed by nature.  This is English Stonecrop/Briweg y Cerrig (Sedum Anglicum) found growing on the waste tips.

Part of the north twll with the tunnel which led to the dressing shed in the bottom centre.  This tunnel still has 2 foot gauge track for part of its length.


Inside the ruined mill can be seen some of the bearings for the drive pulleys.

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