Rhiwbach Slate Quarry and its tramway

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Looking at the top of the incline with the tramway route about to descend to the quarry.

This is a view of the sheave at the top of the incline.  There was a near horizontal wheel here.  The haulage wire ran from the boiler house around this wheel and then back down to the bottom of the incline.

This wheel is near the bottom of the incline.  It was used by the returning
haulage wire from the top of the incline.

This tower once carried a haulage wire from the engine house, there were a number of these towers in a line and they lead to Cwm End.  The wire was the haulage cable for the underground incline.  The original plan was for the underground workings to be accessed by a vertical shaft in the vicinity of the boiler house. This never came to fruition and this rather awkward method of working prevailed.  In the close-up view below it would appear that the cable has often slipped off causing deep grooves in the roller edge.

Two upturned and rusting rubbish wagons.

The 'New Mill' building with the earliest open workings of the quarry in the distance.

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