Rhiwbach Slate Quarry and its tramway

Rhiwbach Quarry - Photo Gallery Page 2

A derelict weigh bridge house.

This row of toilets were built over a convenient stream.  Naturally they were downstream of the quarry and the living quarters!  Not somewhere you'd want to spend much time in on a winters night.

This working at Rhiwbach, known as the New Quarry, was an early pit working.

The 'New Quarry' was allowed to flood following the end of slate extraction and was then used as a reservoir.  This powered a water wheel at Rhiwfachno Quarry lower down the valley.  This valve controlled the supply of water.

Flooding of the pit has led to this overhanging cliff feature.

At one time there were quite long stretches of this post and rail "ranch" style fencing around the quarry.  Made from offcuts and waste rock most lengths have now collapsed.

A disused waterwheel pit

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