Steam in the 1960's - Page 5

Leeds Central

70016 "Ariel" brings the Harrogate portion of a Kings Cross train into Leeds Central in May 1965.  The 2-6-4T will then shunt the coaches onto the London train.  This will then be taken forward by the Deltic, in the left background.

Leeds City

42184 photographed on 19th March 1966.


Ivatt 2-6-2 tank on station pilot duties.


45450 leaves on a southbound passenger - 14th May 1966.

45129 departs southbound on the same day.

Jinty 47472 acts as the station pilot - June 1965.

78037 is the station pilot on 14th May 1966.

Passing a northbound freight headed by a 9F south of Preston.


1T55 headed by 44934 enters from the north.

On the same day Alan Taylor captured 44934 at Bay Horse, a few miles further south.

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