Steam in the 1960's - Page 3

Wakefield Kirkgate, May 7th 1966.

Jubilee 45694 "Bellerophon" is seen here on a humble freight working.

44824 works a short freight eastbound.  The station area was about to be resignalled in connection with the construction of Healey Mills marshalling yard.

48451 passes through light engine.

90370 was one of a procession of WD 2-8-0's on coal trains.

2 WD's are seen heading for the shed.

Wakefield Westgate

B1 4-6-0 61115 heads north through the station
passing the Yorkshire Pullman - June 1965

B1 61022 "Sassaby",  this loco was to work the Bradford
Exchange portion of a Kings Cross - Leeds train.

Bournemouth shed

Bournemouth shed seen from a passing train in 1966


34108 "Wincanton" has just arrived on a stopping train from Bournemouth

76011 on a parcels train

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