The Wrexham to Bidston railway
'The Borderlands line'
The Wirral and Merseyrail:

Burton Point

Just over the border into England, Class 142 Pacer No.142054 passes the closed station at Burton Point heading for Wales on 11 March 1993.  Burton Point is a remote and windswept spot overlooking the Dee estuary.

(formerly Neston North)

The now demolished buildings at Neston are seen in this 1995 photo of a Class 142 on a Wrexham service.   The photo below shows the modern day Wrexham bound platform with 153320 leaving on October 13th 2005

Neston once had two stations, this was Neston North.  The other station was situated on the now closed Hooton - West Kirby line which is now a footpath and cycleway.  Neston is the only station on the line which is in Cheshire.

In the above photo, by Warren Desmond, 67028 is seen nearing Neston on a  Birkenhead North to Eastleigh service conveying a Merseyrail electric unit for refurbishment.  The train is passing the site of Neston signalbox. 6th September 2004

(formerly Heswall Hills)

Single car unit No. 153353 is seen at Heswall on 13th October 2005 on a Wrexham service.  The station was once known as Heswall Hills, a sure clue to its distance from the town!   Heswall is the first station in the Merseytravel area.


Upton station is the penultimate station on the line and only a mile from Bidston.   A Class 142 is seen here on a Bidston service in 1995.  Under Merseytravel plans this section of the line could be electrified in the future.

20302 and 37602 are seen near Upton on October 15th 2005.  The train is the railhead treatment train which sprays the rails to remove leaf debris. Thanks to Warren Desmond for use of the photo.

37668 and 886 near Upton, photo by Warren Desmond, 16-06-2002.


37797 and 796 leave Bidston on a train of spent ballast, photo by Warren Desmond, 16-06-2002.

The junction curve at Bidston is extremely sharp, as seen in this view of 153320 arriving from Wrexham in October 2005.  In the foreground is the electrified Liverpool to West Kirby line.  Trains normally arrive at the West Kirby side of the station.  The other platform can be used but it means that trains have to run forward to a layby siding and then reverse onto the other platform.  Merseyrail operate four trains an hour each way through Bidston to West Kirby and Liverpool.

A Class 153 is seen leaving the Liverpool platform at Bidston on a Wrexham train.  Resignalling of the Merseyrail system has resulted in the disappearance of Bidston Dee Junction signalbox behind the train.  All signals are now controlled from a signalling centre across the Mersey at Sandhills.

Passengers boarding a Wrexham service in October 2005.   Bidston was once the site of a large marshalling yard and locomotive depot which served the nearby Birkenhead docks.

Another view of the railhead treatment train by Warren Desmond.   Here, 37602 and 608 are reversing at Bidston on 8th October 2005.

Warren was also on hand at Bidston on the 4th August 2004 when 45112 'Royal Army Ordnance Corps' paid a visit on a Network Rail inspection saloon.

Merseyrail trains pass at Bidston, West Kirby service on the left and Liverpool on the right.  The junction for Wrexham is behind the signal on the left.

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