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Michelmersh Brick Co.

Michelmersh Brick Company, Romsey, Hampshire. Producer of both machine and handmade bricks.  The company started in 1842 still operates today, other companies in the group include Charnwood, Dunton, Blockleys and Hathern Terra Cotta.  Photo and info by Martyn Fretwell

Photos by Nigel Furniss

Photographed at Romsey Reclamation Yard by Martyn Fretwell.


Micklam colliery was in Lowca near Whitehaven, thanks to David Holmes for the photo and information.

Photographed at Hirum Walkers Distillery, Dumbarton by Ian Sinclair.


Mickley Coal Company (later NCB), Prudhoe, Northumberland.   This brickworks was associated with Mickley colliery which was opened in the 1850's by Cookson, Cuthberts & Liddell and owned from the 1880's by the Mickley Coal Co. Info by Frank Lawson.

Midbrick Co., Bilston

Simon Patterson photographed this one at Avoncroft Museum

Middlemiss Corbridge

Corbridge is 16 miles west of Newcastle on Tyne.

Found in Northumbria by Mark Cranston.

Middleton, Leeds

Photo by courtesy of the Frank Lawson collection.

Photo by Simon Patterson.

Found in the village of Woodlands near Doncaster by Dennis Canning.

Middleton Colliery Company

Listed is Kelly Leeds 1906 as Middleton Estate & Colliery Company, while in 1927 a Middleton fireclay Works is listed under the ownership of the M E & C C , info and image PRBCO

C Middleton & Son, Hellesden, Norwich

Charles Middleton is listed as a farmer 1883; farmer and brick & tile maker 1890; brick & tile maker 1896.  Gone by 1904 (a hard red brick (Norfolk usually soft),with flint pebbles - possibly many were lost in the kiln!).
There is now a Middleton's Lane passing the site - now housing.  Photo and info by Chris Fisher.


Photo by courtesy of the Frank Lawson collection.  Found near Marple, Cheshire, made by the Middlewood Brickworks, Poynton, Cheshire.

Photographed at the Anson Engine Museum, Poynton.

Midhurst Whites

Photo by Martyn Fretwell courtesy of the Bill Richardson Collection at Southwick Hall.

Midland Brick Co. Birmingham

Photo by Ray Martin.   Martyn Fretwell writes :- The Midland Brick Co. Garrison Farm & Britannia Brick Works, Garrison Street, Birmingham, Joseph Swain, manager is listed in Kelly’s 1890 to 1915 editions. The 1915 edition also includes a second works at Warwick Road, Solihull. The Garrison Street works had been purchased from the administrators who had been put in charge after William Hancox had gone bankrupt. The year the Midland Brick Co. closed is unknown.

Midland Iron Co. Rotherham

Midland Iron Co found at Barrow Hill by Simon Patterson.   The Midland Iron works was founded in Masborough, Rotherham in 1844.

Photos by courtesy of the Frank Lawson collection.

Found near Rotherham by Bob Gellatly.

Midland Works, Coalville, Leicester and Polesworth, Atherstone

The Midland Brick & Terra Cotta Co. Ltd., Coalville is listed in Kelly’s from 1876 to 1881 editions, with works at Coalville, Market Bosworth & Polesworth, then in the 1891 to 1912 editions just at Coalville. Photos & Info by Martyn Fretwell.

Mill Lane Brick Co, Bredbury

The brickworks on Mill Lane, Bredbury, Stockport, was established before 1872 and was possibly
operated by a Richard Wilkinson at that time. By 1902 the proprietor was James Warburton. The works
was demolished and the site cleared by 1910.  Photo and info by David Kitching.

Millbank, Heywood

Millbank Brick & Terracota Co. listed in Kelly 1901.  Note unusual lower case lettering used in Heywood, image and info PRBCO

Millbank Plastic. Photo by courtesy of the Colin Driver collection.

Found in Hawkshaw by Colin Driver.

J Miller

Photo by Nigel Aspdin, the history of the works can be read here


Frank Lawson writes:  This one was a puzzle until I contacted the Heanor & District Historical Society who kindly informed me that it was associated with Milhay colliery at Langley Mill in Derbyshire. The colliery was owned by Smith & Goodwin and closed in 1856. I subsequently found an entry in White's Derbyshire Directory 1857  listing a "Patent Brickworks" at Milhay. From the Phil. Sparham collection

Millhill, Whittakers

Millhill near Darwen, Lancashire, photo by Alan Davies.

Millom Brick

Found by David Holmes in Millom, Cumbria and assumed to be a product of the Millom Brick Company.

Millott & Mettham

 Kelly's 1876 Trade Directory lists Millott & Mettham at the Victoria Steam Brick Works & White Stone Quarries, Mansfield. The works was situated at the end of today’s Moor Lane & was next to a row of cottages called Victoria Terrace which no longer exists. Also in the Brick & Tile Makers section of this 1876 edition is the listing of John Mettham at 1 Church Street, Mansfield, but this entry will have been John's home address. The modern building of Lloyds Bank now occupies this address. The Mansfield Stone & Brick Co. are next recorded as owning this works in 1881. Photo & Info by Martyn Fretwell.

B . Mills, Oxenhope

Steven Wood writes: the 1901 census returns show that Ben Mills lived at Horkinstone near Oxenhope, his occupation is given as farmer and fireclay merchant. He seems to have moved there from Clayton, Bradford some time after his youngest child was born in 1893.  Bricks marked [B. MILLS][OXENHOPE] have been found near the brick works at Sawood, Oxenhope (Derek Barker's Denholme 2) and those at Clay Clough, Denholme (Derek Barker's Denholme 3).  The brick in the photograph is from the latter.  Map evidence suggests that the brick works at Sawood were active in the 1890s and those at Clay Clough from c.1900 until 1914 or later.  After Ben Mills's death in 1910 two of his sons continued to work in the trade but as employees not employers.


A firebrick produced at the Milner pit at Blaydon Burn, photo and info by Arthur Brickman.


William & Joseph Milner, Lowfields, Mirfield.  List in Slater 1887 and later listed in Robinson 1904 at Taylor hall Lane, Mirfield, West Yorkshire.  Info and image PRBCO

G. Milnes

Found on a wall at Old Whittington Chesterfield by Simon Patterson. Martyn Fretwell writes :- George Milnes is listed as brickmaker at Mosborough, Chesterfield in Kelly’s 1876 edition. This same works on Station Road is listed in White's as being owned by George Haslehurst in 1879 & then by John Lee 1887 to 1912 in Kelly's. See separate entry for George Haslehurst.

Milton Hall


Photo by Simon Patterson.  Ron Young thinks this could well be a product of the Milton Hall works in Southend, when owned by Hansons

Found near the Northampton Arm of the Grand Union canal at Rothersthorpe by Nigel Furnis.

Photo taken by Jo Roesen at Broadway station Worcs, read their blog here.


Photo by courtesy of the Frank Lawson collection.  The Milward works was near Codnor in Derbyshire.
Martyn Fretwell adds; Jacob Milward, Redfern, Loscoe, Derbys. is recorded in Kelly's for 1888.

(Miss) M Wenn

The owner of this brick has got it as Miss M. Wenn, Ingham, Norfolk, but from the few Norfolk directories that I have got I have only found a Herbert Wenn at The Grange, Ingham as brickmaker in Kellys 1904 edition, so they could be related. Info & Photo by Martyn Fretwell.

Mobberley & Bayley, Lye, Stourbridge

Photo by Nigel Furniss, who writes:  Samuel Mobberley and James Porter Bayley were a trading partnership prior to 1866 but not before 1859, at the Thorns Fireclay & Brickworks, Kingswinford, and at the Cradley Station colliery, Cradley Heath. They were producing Fireclay & Manufacturing / House Coal. Also listed was a Mobberley & Perry of Merry Hill, (the same Samuel Mobberley), in the list of Fireclay mines in South Staffordshire dated 1875.
However, both Mobberley & Bayley filed for proceedings under the bankruptcy act in May 1879, when the company was wound up in liquidation, their creditors received 2 shillings & sixpence in the pound. Bayley had no assets, but Mobberley had (in partnership with Perry). Mobberley & Bayley do not appear in any trade directories after 1882, but Mobberley & Perry (see below) appear in the 1896 directory as owning:

MERRY HILL     BRIERLEY HILL       "      "   11      "     "     "   3
THORNS (part)     "      "         "      "   17      "     "     "   6

These were producing RED, BLUE & FIRECLAY BRICKS, GLASS RETORTS & other refractory items from the Oldbury Marl seam. They go on to take over the OLDNALL colliery by 1923, and BEECH TREE by 1933, Thorns being depleted by 1920. Only Beech Tree was in production in 1947, producing Fireclay, thick coal and brooch.

Photo taken at Ewenny by Richard Paterson.

Mobberley & Perry, Stourbridge

Mobberley & Perry was at The Hayes, Lye, Stourbridge, West Midlands.  The brickworks for building bricks was on the main Stourbridge Road in Wollacote and the Firebrick works was in Hayes Lane.  George Attwood worked the brickworks untill 1840, then Fisher Bros. worked the brickworks until Mobberley & Perry took over the brickworks, the works closed in the late 1960's.  My thanks for this information go to Michael Raybould.

Photos by Colin Wooldridge from the John Cooksey Collection.

Monostock Crowle

 Found at Crowle North Lincolnshire by Trevor Rowbotham

Moore & Son

Photographed at a reclaim yard in Beeston Castle, Cheshire.

F Moore, Leicester

In the 1861 Trade directory their offices are in Wheat St. By 1870 they had moved to Bowling Green Street with works at Humberstone and Spinney Hills. Fielding Moore also owed the lime works at Breedon-on-the-Hill. Photo and info by Dennis Gamble.

J Moore & Son, Stockport

Possibly later part of Moore & Bristow, see entry below.  Photo by Martyn Fretwell courtesy of the Bill Richardson Collection at Southwick Hall.

Moore, Diseworth

Charles Moore is listed as brickmaker at Clements Gate, Diseworth. Loughborough in Kelly's 1876  & 1881 editions. Info & photographed at Derby Silk Mill Museum by Martyn Fretwell.

Moore & Bristow, Stockport

The brickworks of Moore & Bristow, Dialstone Lane, Stockport appears in the 1902 Kelly's Directory but not 1896 or 1906, so this is likely to have been a short-lived venture. The 1907 OS map shows a brickworks with two round kilns at Stepping Hill on land just to the east of Dialstone Lane. Photo and info by David Kitching.

Photo by Alan Hulme

Moorhey, Crosby

Found on the seashore in Crosby, Merseyside.


Thomas Moorhouse, Cricket Inn Road, Sheffield.  White's Directory of Sheffield & Rotherham 1856 / 1857. Photo and info by courtesy of the Frank Lawson collection.

Moorside F B T & C Co. Bolton

Moorside Fire Brick,Tile,& Coal Co. Ltd. Ainsworth, Bolton.  Tillotson's Bolton Directory 1876-7. Slater's 1882. Photo and info by Colin Driver.


Owned by Jee's Hartshill Granite & Brick Co. Ltd. near Nuneaton. Had it's own siding, worked by horses, on the Midland Railway, Stockingford branch line. This connection was put in place in the 1890's, the brickworks closed in 1912, so had a relatively short life.  Photo and info by Nigel Furniss.

W Morris

Photo by Martyn Fretwell from the David Penney Collection.

Wm. Morris, Oldbury

Photo by Ray Martin.

Photo by Martyn Fretwell.

Morris & Shaw, Hall End

Thanks to Helena for the photo. Martyn Fretwell has done some research and writes: Morris & Shaw, Birch Coppice Colliery, also known as Hall End Colliery & Brickworks, Polesworth is recorded in Durham Mining Museum records for 1940 ( Colliery was sunk in 1878 ). In 1947 after nationalisation it became N C B Hall End.

Joseph Morton, Halifax, see entry for Cinder Hills

Moss: see Sheard, Moss

William Moss & Sons

William Moss is listed as a brickmaker at Broad Street, Parkgate, Rotherham in White’s 1879 edition. William is also recorded in the 1871 census as living in Lister Street, Rotherham with his wife Elizabeth & two children Sidney & Nellie. In the1881 census he is listed as a brick & tile burner & now living near Nether Hoyland, Barnsley with the addition of two more sons, Colin & Edwin, but from a later census it appears that none of his sons followed him as brickmakers.  Photo & Info by Martyn Fretwell.

Found in Worksop by Simon Patterson


Made in Coalmoor, Telford on the same site as Allenite bricks.

Moulson, Bradford

Moulson, John & Sons: Henry Street, Park Lane & Birch Lane

Photo by courtesy of the Frank Lawson collection.

Moulson is a famous Bradford brick-making name; in 1866 they were based at Bowling Old Road.  In the 19th century John Moulson & Sons had their builder's and stone yard in Henry Street, Bradford.  The first brickworks was in Park Lane and was called Woodroyd brick works.  The second works may have originally been called Birch Lane works or Park Side brick-works, but it was certainly later known as Bowling Park brick-works.  It was built virtually over the Bowling tunnel.  There was a large face of clay & shale in the land, in addition to much material that came out of the Bowling tunnel itself.  Thanks to Derek Barker for the information.  

Thanks to Darren Haywood for the photo.

Mount Clay Co. Wakefield

Shown on the OS 1st edition map of 1893 as Mount Clay Brickworks at Greenhill Road, Wakefield. At this time, the site was worked by J Dunn ( exors of ). Brick discovered by Frank Lawson. Image PRBCO.

Mount Sorrel

Mountsorrel is a village in Leicestershire on the River Soar, just south of Loughborough.  Photo by Peter Harris.

Mow Cop Brick Co.

This is a product of the Mow Cop Brick Co Ltd which had a works below Mow Cop Road that was established in the 1930s and closed c1972. Photo and information by David Kitching.

E Mullett

Edward Mullett is recorded as brickmaker at the Nursery Brick Yard, Handsworth, Birmingham in Kelly’s 1879 edition. Info & Photo by Martyn Fretwell courtesy of the Chris Thorburn Collection.

Mullings, Devizes

Photo by Rog, history of the brick.

Murrays Patent

Charles Henry Murray was a maker of brickmaking machines. A list of Murray’s patents - at bottom of page . http://www.hopkinsweb.org.uk/hopkins/famhist2/murray/timeline.htm  , A photo of Murray's brick making machine. http://www.gracesguide.co.uk/File:Im1872ev13-p381.jpg  Photo by Martyn Fretwell.

T E Mycock

Found at Kelham Island, Sheffield by Darren Wall.

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