Cwm Ciprwth - A North Wales Copper Mine

Directions to Cwm Ciprwth

The view from the path approaching the site.

Follow the narrow road up Cwm Pennant for about 3 miles until the road is barred by a gate and there is a large river pool on the right, this is often full of children in warm weather!  Park, or leave your cycle, nearby.  There is a farm gate on the left before the river bridge, open the gate and proceed across the field to a foot stile.  The stile is labelled 'Tir Gofal' (Land Care).

Tir Gofal is a whole farm agri-environment scheme funded by the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW). The scheme has been available throughout Wales since April 1999 and aims to encourage agricultural practices which will protect and enhance the landscapes of Wales, their cultural features and associated wildlife.

Follow the path steeply up through the woods, following the 'Tir Gofal' markers and past the remains of buildings and an adit associated with Gilfach copper mine.  At the flooded adit the path continues up on the left.  At the top of the slope, the Cwm Ciprwth complex comes into view across open moorland ahead.  Follow the path and there is a simple wooden bridge across the stream to lead you to the site.  The walking time from the road is no more than 20 minutes.  As the area is mountainous and exposed it is recommended that suitable footwear and clothing are worn.

Image reproduced with permission of Ordnance Survey

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