Porth Wen

An abandoned brickworks on Anglesey

Important notice about access to Porth Wen

Porth Wen brickworks is Private Property and access is not permitted.  Excellent views of the site can be seen from the Anglesey Coastal Path between Cemaes and Amlwch.

This website also features Llanlleiana porcelain works, Cemaes Bay brickworks and tramway and the navigation markers at Carmel Head.

by Dave Sallery

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On the north coast of Anglesey, a few miles west of Amlwch, are the remains of a brickworks.  It was opened at the turn of the last century to make refractory bricks for use in the steel industry.  The bricks were exported by sea from the works' own harbour.  The whole operation closed down at the start of the first world war and most of it has slowly rusted away ever since.  If you are able to help with any more details of the life and times of Porth Wen then please contact me

There are many more photos of Porth Wen on my Flickr site

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Porth Wen can now also be viewed on video, thanks to Darrell Hills of Amlwch

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