Porth Wen

An abandoned brickworks on Anglesey

The raw material

The material used to make the bricks came from two distinct areas.  A small quarry above the works which was accessed by a tramway and a two stage gravity worked incline.  While the clay came from open workings on the hillside immediately south of the works.


The views above show the abandoned drumhouse at the top of the incline.   Part way up the incline was another drumhouse from which a branch to the south led to the site of the earliest quarry.

Rusted remains of one of the incline tramway wagons.

After the stone was lowered down the incline, it was first broken up by using the stone breaker, shown below.  The powdered rock was then sent down a slide to storage bins above the working area.

That's the way to keep it "KNAPPING"!

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