Rhyl & District Model Railway Club

Photos of our 2013 exhibition

CAMEL QUAY,  Ray Wilton. '00' 4mm:ft finescale, 16.5mm gauge. Set firmly in North Cornwall Railway (BR Southern Region) territory, the quayside station sees a variety of services typical of the area in the ever popular 1950/60s era

CHARLEROI (BELGIUM), Doug Pritchard; Tramway & Light Railway Society. 5.5mm:ft scale. 16.5mm Gauge.

CLASSIC TINPLATE TRAINS, Mark Armstrong, Jeff Howard & Alan Cliff. Rhyl & District MRC. '0' Gauge Coarse Scale. The first mass produced “Toy trains” were produced in the early 20th Century using Tinplate and powered by crude clockwork or electric mechanisms. One hundred years later the Tinplate train is enjoying a renaissance with several manufacturers offering such models, with the benefit of modern electronics. A mix of old and currently available trains could be seen running on the layout.

CLUN, Ian Wheelock & Harry Crossley. '00' /4mm:ft scale. The Welsh Marches circa 1955-60 were the inspiration for this GWR/LMS Joint line. A local colliery sends loaded wagons to the yard for collection, and empties are returned.

COLWYN VALLEY LIGHT RAILWAY, David Roberts; Colwyn MRC. 00-9 4mm:ft scale / 9mm gauge. This 1950s North / Mid Wales narrow gauge layout takes as its inspiration from the plethora of Welsh narrow gauge lines.

DAVE CARROLL DIORAMAS,  '00' Scale 4mm/ft.  Dave was showing his village and road dioramas which are produced using card kits and a wide variety of model accessories to produce highly detailed and realistic 1960s scenes.

LLAMEDOS, Dave Beard & Dave Jones. Rhyl & District MRC. '0' Gauge 7mm:1ft scale. Branch line terminus and locomotive depot featuring a mix of ready to run and kit built BR steam and diesel traction.

MARLBOROUGH JUNCTION, Trevor Williams; Rhyl & District MRC. '00'/ 4mm:ft scale. This busy layout uses the increasingly popular Digital Command Control (DCC) which allows locomotives to have constant lighting and full onboard sound effects.

MODEL BUSES IN NORTH WALES, Chris Goodwin; Model Bus Federation.  A selection of buses in different scales were on display, which are of types and liveries that have been seen in the North Wales area over the years.

NEW BRIDGE JUNCTION,  Norman Beaumont; Colwyn MRC. 'N' scale. GWR steam is the mainstay at this busy junction station, which uses a mix of ready to run and kitbuilt stock.

NEW PANDORA & GEIRIONYDD TRAMWAY, Phil Shaw; Rhyl & District MRC. 0-16.5 (7mm/ft scale) 16.5mm gauge.  Set in the 1950s/60s this narrow gauge tramway is based on one which served lead mines in the hills above the Conwy valley. Rolling stock is mainly kitbuilt, the buildings all being scratchbuilt. The lead mine provides most of the traffic on the line although a passenger services also runs. The larger scale allows a lot of detail to be incorporated.

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