The 76cm gauge railways of Yugoslavia

Uskotracne (76-centimetarske) pruge bivse Jugoslavije

Banovici coal mine in 2005 by Helmut Dahlhaus
with additional photos from 1999 by Detlef Schikorr

Banovici is near Tuzla in Central Bosnia and is the location of a large brown coal mine.  The mine and railway system were opened in 1947.  At the terminus of the standard gauge line there is a coal processing plant, this is adjacent to the standard gauge Banovici station.  On the other side of the plant is the narrow gauge yard on a higher level which is called Oskova.  From the narrow gauge yard there is a mostly uphill 5Km double track line leading to the mines at Grivice.  The locomotive depot is connected to this line at Banovici town.  Five class 83 0-8-2's were purchased from the JZ in the 1970's to work at Banovici - 83-156, 157, 158, 159, 180 and 181.  83-181 was later sold to the Austrian railfans club "U44".  Currently only 83-158 and 159 remain at Banovici.  They act as standby locos to the Class 740 diesels which also came from the JZ system.   Four of these: 740-106, 107, 108 and 113 were purchased of which the last three remain in use.  Also present at Banovici are six class 25 0-6-0 tanks, surviviors of a batch of 10 supplied new to the railway in 1949 by CKD of Prague, only two of which are available for traffic.  Helmut's photos were taken on the 5th Oct 2005 and are of a photo charter train organized by Guenter Oczko.  Any updates on the current situation at Banovici are most welcome.

83-159 (DD 54/1948) at Oskova.

83-159 between Oskova and Banovici.

83-159 at Banovici mpd with the double track mainline on the right.

83-158 on the left and 25-30, 25-31 and 25-32 on the right at Bonovici depot.

83-158 (DD 53/1948) on Banovici mpd.

83-159 on the main line between Banovici and Grivice.

Three views of 740-108 at Banovici on 5.08.1999.  On the left is 83-158.


The JZ class 802 DMU's in Portugal by Joao Braga

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