The 76cm gauge railways of Yugoslavia

Uskotracne (76-centimetarske) pruge bivse Jugoslavije

Various photos and tickets

This is 83-040, Budapest 5003/1929 at the Kharkov Pioneer Railway in Russia after the second world war.  Thanks to Sergei Dorozhkov of Pereslavl Narrow Gauge Museum for the information.  More photos of 83-040 at Kharkov may be viewed here.

73-018 scares the waiting horses as it crosses the Travnik to Lasva road near Vitez in August 1965.  There were 23 of these Class 73 2-6-2's which were built as light passenger locomotives.  This loco is one of three preserved and can be seen at Jablanica.  Note the used shell cases filled with flowers above the cylinders.

85-004 about to leave Sarajevo on a train to Visegrad in May 1969.

Skoda built 0-10-0 1934 is seen here preserved in Prijedor.

83-146 on a local passenger train at Capljina in 1968

Narrow-gauge railcar at Capljina in 1968.  Tom Burnham remembers: passengers for Dubrovnik had left the standard-gauge train on the opposite side of the platform and were attempting to find space on this train. The seat reservation system had broken down completely!

Klose system 185-033 out of use at Dubrovnik shed in 1968.

A class 83 on Dubrovnik shed in 1968.

Thomas Stueckl writes:  I took these two photographs of a Class 85 2-8-2 in June 1988 at Capljina. Little remained of the narrow gauge railway at that time. Accidentally, I found this loco pretty far away from the station. All number plates had been removed, so I took a photograph of the steam dome where year and place of construction were indicated (1940 Slav. Brod).

85001 at Mostar in 1964, very little trace of the railway remains at this once busy location.

85005 is seen at Cukarica, 13-05-1964

2-6-6-0 92010 at Paracin working the 15.10 to Izvor. 12-05-1964.

83-116 at Jajce, photo by courtesy of Christian Steingruber.

 Narrow Gauge Tickets 

The tickets above are normal singles while the one below is for a Class 802 DMU plus a compulsory reservation charge of 2 Dinars.

The selection above was kindly provided by Detlef Schikorr

Thanks to Richard Clements for these reminders of a journey he made in September 1971.

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