Manod / Welsh Slate's 'Cwt y Bugail Quarry'

Manod quarry in the 1960's

The photographs below were taken by Anthony Astley in the 1960's.  At this time the quarry was being worked by a consortium of local men.  They were working those underground chambers which were not in government hands.  This sequence of photos shows how a slab used to be transformed into many roofing slates.

A quarryman, in the centre of the picture, selects a suitable
slab of slate in one of the underground chambers.

The underground 2 foot/60cm tracks along which the slab will be transported.

The rock cut tunnel which gives access to the chambers.

The winchman is seen operating the gravity balanced incline which
lowers the slabs to the dressing shed area.

The slab is gently lowered while an empty wagon is raised on the adjacent track.

Easing a large slab into the dressing shed and onto the saw table.

The diamond tipped saw sets to work.

The final stage - splitting the rock to form roofing slates.

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