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Mostyn acetic acid traffic, 1991 - 2002.

In 1991 a new freight flowed commenced in North Wales.  The traffic was acetic acid from BP chemicals in Hull and the customer was Warwick Chemicals in Mostyn.  At first the 4 wheel tank wagons that were used were conveyed by the Warrington - Llandudno Junction Speedlink service.  They were then tripped to Mostyn using the Speedlink loco, invariably a Class 47.  Following the closure of the Speedlink network, in 1992, a block train working was started which ran on 3 days per week.  The traffic continued until the early part of 2002 when, due to a change in distribution arrangements, it went over to road transport.  The only remaining traffic at Mostyn then were steel girders for export to Ireland and this finished in 2009.

47107  brings the trip working from Llandudno junction into Mostyn on the 8th May 1991.

Class 37's were common performers when the Mostyn traffic went over to a block train.  After reversing over the crossover, 37079 is seen backing up ready to enter Mostyn sidings. 13th April 1992.

37415 is seen on the empty tanks ready to depart on 13th November 1992.

31327 in the snow of 23rd February 1994.

Mostyn Docks No. 2 is seen entering the docks estate after heavy snow on 23rd February 1994.  The home made sanding gear can be seen leading out of the cab window.  This consisted of a funnel, a length of hosepipe and a large amount of sand!

47105 hauls empty tanks towards Chester on 18th June 1991.  The Warwick Chemicals plant is in the background.

37717 is seen in the snow on March 3rd 1995 shortly after leaving Mostyn.

37515 leans into the curve at Bagillt with empty tanks on April 25th 1996.

37415 passes C.C.Crumps wagon works at Connahs Quay, 13th November 1992.

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