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Locomotives of the Southern Railway

The Southern Region of British Railways inherited a large number of 2-6-0 locomotives upon nationalisation.  The example shown - No. 31806 - is of class "U".  Other similar classes were U1, N and N1.  These engines were popular for light freight and passenger work and were particularly used on the lines west of Exeter. 

By 1968 the loco had been moved to the lower yard and had lost its smoke deflectors and valve gear.  It is now preserved on the Watercress Line.

This Is 31618, another U Class 2-6-0.  Now to be found on the Bluebell Railway.

No. 34010 "Sidmouth" is a rebuilt West Country class pacific.  These engines went into service in their original state from 1945 onwards. The Battle of Britain class were built at the same time as were the larger Merchant Navy class.  Because of problems with their design many of the locos of all 3 classes were extensively rebuilt by BR.  This loco is currently being restored.

Merchant Navy class No. 35011 "General Steam Navigation", most powerful of the Southern's pacifics.  Behind it is an LMS "Crab" 2-6-0.  35011 is currently being restored.

These 3 locos are all examples of class S15,  Above is No. 30499 is of the original Urie design of 1920.  While the examples below - 30825 and 30828 - were built by Maunsell from 1927 onwards.  They were used for heavy freight and stopping passenger trains on the lines from London to Exeter and Weymouth.  Some of these locos had large eight wheel tenders because of the lack of water troughs on the Southern.

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