The Conwy Valley line - Lein Dyffryn Conwy

Flooding closed the Conwy Valley line for 3 months

The early part of February 2004 brought heavy rainfall to North Wales.  The effect of this, falling on already sodden ground, led to very serious flooding particularly in the Conwy Valley around Llanrwst.  The Conwy Valley line suffered very badly with serious damage between Tal y Cafn and Betws y Coed.   Repairs to the line were extensive and it was not reopened until 22nd May 2004.  Further flooding seriously affected the line in the early part of 2005 but the preventative measures put in in 2004 limited the damage caused.

These two views, by John Wilkinson, show Llanrwst North station on February the 4th 2004.


These views by Network Rail show how badly the line has been damaged.  The photographs
were taken on the section of track south of Llanrwst when water levels were dropping.



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