Irish railways in the 1990's

Dublin Tara Street and Pearse

172 crosses the Liffey bridge and enters Tara Street station, 6 July 1994.

The 2600 class were the first of the new railcars and entered service in 1993/94.  17 vehicles were built by Tokyu Car Corporation in Japan.  2607 is seen at Tara street, 6 July 1994.

147 on a suburban train, 6 July 1994.

'A' Class No. 011 crosses over the Liffey and approaches Tara St. station, Dublin, 6 July 1994.  The train was the daily ammonia working from Cork to Arklow.

207 on the rear of a push pull working at Pearse station, 3 September 1996.  This station was formerly known as Westland Row.

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