The 76cm gauge railways of Yugoslavia

Uskotracne (76-centimetarske) pruge bivse Jugoslavije

A selection of photos by Detlef Schikorr

The Ostbahn page 1: Bistrik to Ustipraca.

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see Timetable 127 for station and service details

85-041 between Sarajevo and Bistrik, 25-7-1970

Another view of a Class 85 2-8-2 between Sarajevo and Bistrik.


Two photos of 83-015 arriving and departing from Bistrik station on a train from Ustipraca to Sarajevo, 26-7-1970.

This is a view of the typical countryside traversed by the Ostbahn: deep limestone gorges
and fast flowing rivers.


Ustipraca, 103 Km's from Sarajevo, was the junction for the line to Foca and Miljevina which opened in 1939, see Timetable No. 84.  Class 83 0-8-2's 83-013, 83-090 and 83-103 are awaiting their next turns of duty, 26-7-1970.

83-013 moves through the station at Ustipraca, a class 802 DMU can be seen in the background, 26-7-1970.

Another view of 83-013

A goods train from Visegrad hauled by 2-8-2 85-031 is seen near Ustipraca on 26-7-1970.

Photos by Detlef Schikorr - The Ostbahn page 2

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