The 76cm gauge railways of Yugoslavia

Uskotracne (76-centimetarske) pruge bivse Jugoslavije

Sarajevo in 1966 - Page 1

These photographs are included thanks to the kind permission of Helmut Dahlhaus
who travelled extensively in Yugoslavia in the 1960's.

The track layout in Sarajevo in 1966.  The standard gauge line terminated at Sarajevo Novo (new) station at the top.   All other lines shown are narrow gauge (schmalspur).

In 1954 a 1Km extension was built to Sarajevo Novo standard gauge station where this photo is taken.  It shows 2-8-2 85-043 (Slavonski Brod 30/1940) about to leave with the 09.35 to Hum (arrive 19.56), a journey of 246Km.  Above the 6 wheel van on the left can be seen the front a General Motors built Co-Co diesel on a standard gauge train.  7th August 1966.

This is 85-031 (ex SHS 1531, Budapest 5060/1931) after arrival at Sarajevo with the 22.21 from Cacak on 7th August 1966.  The building in the background between the narrow and standard gauge was the new post office.

85-027 is ready to work train 16, the 17.22 Sarajevo Novo to Ploce - arrive 02.38, 7th August 1966.

85-027 is seen on the section of track between the old and new stations. 7th August 1966

How could I resist this shot of 83-028 (ex SHS 1328, Budapest 4990/1929) bathed in the evening sunlight in the old station?  7th August 1966.

0-6-2 tank No.72-011 (Henschel 8580/1908) is busily engaged on shunting duties
in the narrow gauge yard, 11th August 1966.

Newly overhauled 81-006, an 0-8-0 tank built in Budapest in 1914, waits to return to its home
depot of Zavidovici.  This loco was built with Klien Lindner axles and was identical to the
Budapest/MAVAG type 70 which was built between 1905 and 1950. A total of 142 were
built and they were also found in Romania.  11th August 1966.

The sad remains of 185-023 (Arad 110/1901), a Klose system 0-6+4 tender loco. Altogether
Krauss in Linz and Weitzer in Arad built 45 of this class. Between the wars some machines
had the Klose mechanism removed.  11th August 1966.

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