The 76cm gauge railways of Yugoslavia

Uskotracne (76-centimetarske) pruge bivse Jugoslavije

The JZ Class 802 DMU's in Portugal by Joao Braga and in Peru.

After the closure of the 76cm lines in Yugoslavia, ten of the 4 car Class 802 units were sold for further use in Portugal.  They were regauged to metre gauge and some subsequently received Volvo engines in place of the original Fiat ones.  The trains worked on several lines: Porto-Póvoa; The Corgo line; The Tua line and the Vouga Line.  The trains were reformed into 3 car sets except on the Corgo line where only two cars were used.  They remained in use until 2001.   After withdrawal the chassis of some units were used to form single unit railcars of the 9500 class, known as LRV 2000.  Of the remaining units, five were exported - three went to Peru and two to Mozambique railways. 

A two car set at Regua on the Corgo line, 8. 4. 1993.

At the terminus station of Regua, Corgo line, 30-07-1994

A two car set with a spare driving trailer behind at Regua, 31-10-1999.

Sernada Vouga on the Vouga line, 6-08-1992

 A rebuilt set at Sernada Vouga, 4-03-2000.

Rebuilt set No. 9712 at Sernada Vouga

 Albergaria-a-Nova on the Vouga line, 23.06.2001

Aveiro is on the electrified main line from Lisbon to Porto.
A narrow gauge train is seen at Aveiro on a Vouga line service.

Before and after views of the 1993/94 refurbishment.

LRV 2000 No. 9505 at Mirandela 3rd June 2000.

LRV 2000 at Regua 5th August 2000.

Redundant trailers dumped at Tua, 3rd August 2000.

In Peru

The three units which went to Peru are now owned by Inca Rail.  They have been extensively refurbished for their new role as luxury tourist trains and operate a service to Machu Picchu, the old Inca city in the Andes.

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