Trains in the Mersey docks - page 8

Birkenhead docks: page 2

47188 ambles along Beaufort Road on 16-12-1986.  The loco was on its way to Bidston dock to collect a coal train.

37235 on the twice weekly household coal train to Birkenhead North, 17-05-1991.

37235, Beaufort Road, 17-05-1991.  The flour mill on the left has since been demolished.

37235 at Birkenhead North with the EMU depot on the right, 17-05-1991.

At Duke street crossing on the return journey, the disused Cavendish Sidings are on the right.

Canning Street North level crossing, 17-05-1991.  The track and burnt out shell of the signalbox still remain in 2012.

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