Trains of thought - musings about transport


mighty rails on mighty trails
where once was wild and wide,
past fields of gold, frontiers unfold
across the great divide.

regimental transcontinental
shafts of steel united,
east to west - bold and best
cross country burned and blighted.

where red men rode and buffalo strode
 majestic purple plain,
skyscrapers soar and people pour
for pleasure and for gain.

the rugged range, both new and strange
vast climbing cavernous walls,
pursuing past, until at last
the angels city calls.

ODE TO 4 x4’s

You’re behind a bloody bull-bar
Astride three tons of metal,
In override
And the fine applied
To you is CASH not FETTLE!

You tried to cheat the cameras
With your digitised number plate,
You may rant and shout –
But they caught you out
(and you’re running two hours late!

Behind an ancient Lada,
Wedged in by a Tesco lorry,
Debts of twenty grand –
In a jam (unplanned)
For yourself you’re feeling sorry!

But you deserve to be where you are
In a seven-mile long tailback –
With your personal plate,
Now it’s far too late –
You should have gone by rail track!

No Trains Today
(plagiarism of “No Milk Today, for those old enough to remember Herman and the Hermits!”)

no trains today
B.R. has gone away
the scandals and the lies
the tenders and franchise

no trains today
private’s here to stay
the public good disdain
for profit and for gain

how will they run the lines that never pay?
twice hourly reduced to just two trains a day?
reductions in staff and quality supposed
and rural locations end up being closed

no trains today
the network just won’t play
Virgin’s broken down
 EWS left town

no trains today
passenger dismay
the companies don’t talk-
guess we’ll just have to walk!

Train cinquaines

New Voyager –
Crap or innovation?
Opinion definitely leans
One way.

what are they for?
Check performance so far!
Indicates a lack of vision-
They’re Bad!

Steam trains-
Blast from the past?
An anachronism
best confined to yesteryear-
Or not?

The Train!
To end all trains!
Travel fast in comfort!
Lean, mean Pendolino machine!
What Gas!

The Highwaymen

and the highwaymen came onward, onward, onward,
contemplating profits by the mile,
and regardless of the feelings
‘gainst their underhanded dealings,
made ready to construct their monstrous pile.

and the planners started plotting, plotting, plotting,
truth from their lips had taken a vacation,
and these grey wolves in sheeps’ clothing
for the people showed a loathing,
as time will prove, there’ll be no alteration.

and the bankers started counting, counting, counting,
their whole lives idolising Gods of Gold,
how much money they would make
counting not the lives they’d take,
or the tragic cost of the birthright they had sold.

and the little ones were dying, dying, dying,
no homes, no food, no “where” to wander free,
but the highwaymen don’t care
‘bout the sadness and despair,
they don’t care for him, for her, for you, for me!

The Idiot

What are you doing. going so fast,
trying to make today my last?
Think a bit, for heaven's sake!
That thing in the middle. it's called a brake!

Pedestrian scourge, your'e a bloody pest!
Did you ever pass a driving test?
Mad boy-racer, that's what you are
In a world of your own in your poser's car!

One hand steering, the other on phone,
Let's hope the life you take's your own!
The trouble is, as you speed at will
It's likely innocent people you'll kill!

You don't give a damn, you live for now,
You MUST get there, you don't care how!
Of obvious danger you take no heed,
All that's important ie reckless speed!

You'll get squashed by lorry or tanker,
The end of you you bloody wanker,
As they piece together the bits of your head
You'll know nowt about it, 'cos you'll be DEAD!!!!!

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