Manod / Welsh Slate's 'Cwt y Bugail Quarry'

Manod's role in wartime

The entrance to the underground chambers as it looks today, this was formerly
a solid wooden door as the underground complex was air conditioned.

One of the specially built wagons used to transport the artworks is seen at the quarry in 1997.  These bogie wagons were built by the LMS at Derby works and ran on the two foot gauge.  There was formerly a small shed at the tunnel entrance which housed a petrol driven loco which worked underground.  The pool in the background was used to supply cooling water to the air conditioning system.

Underground and wartime views of Manod
 by courtesy of Nick McCamley

underground doors

The doors securing the entrance to one of the main underground
  chambers. The small door on the right is to the air-conditioning control room - 1988.

storage building

One of the five storage buildings erected inside the quarry to house pictures from the National Gallery.  Stripped and gutted when this photo was  taken in 1988

A Great Western Railway container lorry, registration number FGT495,
at the entrance to the underground store.

Having entered the tunnel the lorry is waiting by the powerhouse to be unloaded.
On the right can be seen some upturned slate wagons.

wartime photo

One of the specially built wagons being used to transfer some of the art treasures
 between the underground storage buildings - 1943.

Another view showing one of the wagons being pushed to a storage area.

Manod in the 1960's

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