The Slate Industry of North and Mid Wales

Anglesey Barracks, Dinorwic Quarry
Dinorwic Quarry employed over 3000 men at its peak and many of these workers lived locally or caught the quarry train on the Padarn Railway to work each day.  However men from Anglesey, in particular, required to lodge or barrack at the quarry each week.  They left home early on a monday morning and returned on saturday afternoon.   Provisions for the week were carried on their journey.  One of their homes for the week was the Anglesey Barracks high up in the quarry.  Anglesey Barracks consists of two identical blocks of 11 units facing each other across an unmade street.  Each unit has a living room with a fireplace and a bedroom with space for four men.  Amenities were few - no electricity, soft mattresses, toilets or running water, just basic furniture and little else.  Windows were provided only onto the street.  This way of life survived until 1948 when an unannounced visit by the local Public Health Inspector saw the barracks condemned as unfit for human habitation.  After that the quarrymen from Anglesey travelled daily by bus.  The, now derelict and ruined, barracks may still be viewed today by following the marked paths in the Padarn Country Park at Llanberis.

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