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The Seven Models Kit of the 9F.  Not an easy kit but everything fits together okay. A few things to watch for:

1.  Instructions are fine, plenty of info but don't necessarily follow the order of construction.  A lot of items are easier to fit before others are fitted.
2.  Make cylinders and motion brackets removable. (This has to be done to a lot of other manufacturer's kits.)
3.  Most castings are lost wax and some offer lost wax and white metal, But some of the injector parts are white metal only.  These were replaced by lost wax parts from Ragstone Models, As these would be more sturdy.

After painting 92047 is ready to work Bidston - Shotton Iron Ore Trains.

Mr Andrews again with one of his original Royal Scots.  This is 'Cameronian' in hybrid LMS with BR markings. Painted by Dennis Morley.

A David Andrews kit of Churchwards' lovely 47xx.  Beautiful but i'm Swindon biased!

6221 in unpainted and painted views.  A DJH kit.

An early Mallard kit, built as a D15 in early BR livery.  Walsall wheels, Premier motor and gearbox, American pick up.

80098 - A MOK 2-6-4 tank.  lovely to build, with plenty of pipework to fit into place.  Beautifully painted by Warren Haywood.

A GNR single by Swanage Models.  This was an unusual loco to build but it was well designed and went together well. It's off to the painters next then reassembly with as much lead as we can fit in!

A Piercy kit of a J27.  This kit is mostly white metal but the castings are superb and it went together like a dream. Split frame and split axles provide perfect pick up.

An ACE kit of a K4, finished in LNER green as 'Cameron of Lochiel'.  Painted by Dennis Morley.

David Andrews kit of LNWR 'Prince of Wales'.  No problems building this one.  Painted in LNWR livery by Dennis Morley.

A Mercian Models Super D with Slaters motor and gearbox.  Painted by Steve Dunning.

A Judith Edge model of North Eastern electris loco No. 13.  This kit came as just the etchings so I had to source axle box castings etc and fabricate the sand boxes.

This J63 0-6-0 tank is a GP Models kit.  A delight to build.  The well designed slat and tab system worked perfectly, just like the MOK system.  The balance beam suspension gives 100% pick up so this lovely little engine does'nt falter.

A Finney kit of a Duchess.  Very nice to build and off to Warren Heywood for its BR green livery.  It will emerge as 'Duchess of Sutherland'.

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