The Slate Industry of North and Mid Wales

Dinorwic Quarry in June 1967 - In search of steam, page 2

Holy War is seen simmering away awaiting the call to action.

Holy War and her regular driver, Jack Owen.  Steam at Dinorwic Quarry ended in November 1967 when he retired.

Some detail for the modellers!

Holy War's shed on the 6th level, almost lost in a wilderness of grey slate.

Holy War heads back to the quarry face with empty wagons.  Holy War is now preserved on the Bala Lake Railway, a present day view can be seen here.

A loaded Car Cyrn.  This type of vehicle, unique to Dinorwic, was used to bring slabs of slate down the quarry inclines to the mills for dressing.  The raised end would be at the bottom while descending the incline and chains were used to secure the load.

The sidings on the sixth level.  The tracks on the right were too lightly laid for locomotive haulage.

Loaded Car Cyrns which Holy War has brought to the incline head on the 6th level.

Looking up the A4 incline

The loaded wagons of roofing slate were brought down the inclines in rakes of three.

Inclines A5, A6 and A7 rise from the slate cutting mills on the Village Level.

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