Trains in the Mersey docks By Dave Sallery


57009 on a Freightliner train to Crewe in Liverpool docks, July 2003.

This website is a selection of photos of mainly rail freight activity within the Mersey docks.  Locations featured are Liverpool, Birkenhead and Ellesmere Port.  There have been many changes since these photos were taken.  Birkenhead docks haven't seen a train for many years, Ellesmere Port now only deals with imported coal while Liverpool remains much the same, although the variety of traction has diminished.  The photos inside Liverpool docks end abruptly in 2004 because photographic passes were withdrawn after that date as a security issue.  All the  photos on this site are taken from scanned transparencies.

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Ellesmere port docks

60024 on a coal train to Fiddlers ferry power station near Warrington.  Seen after loading at Liverpool Bulk Terminal on November 8 2001.

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